Are the talking points on the show random are they decided ahead of time?

For the most part, the talking points are totally random. Sometimes one of us will have an idea for something we’d like to talk about on the show but even then, we don’t discuss it ahead of time so it’s a complete surprise for the other person. We think it’s more fun that way because even when one of us knows what we’re going to bring up, we have no idea what the other’s response is going to be.

Are the sound drops done live at the time of the recording or are they added in later?

At the show’s debut, the sound drops were added during post-production. But here recently, we have been including them during the time of our recording. Ender controls them, however – Emily can’t be trusted with such audio power.

Is Maeby, the dog, present for every show?

We think so. It wasn’t planned that way originally, but she really enjoys being in the studio with us while we’re recording so we typically have here in there with us. We can’t say for sure that she is in every episode, but she almost always makes a cameo.

If an aardvark and a domestic house cat were to fight inside a steel-cage arena, who would win?

Has the cat been declawed? If not, then definitely the cat. But if it has, then the aardvark has a sporting chance.

Who interrupts most?


When will you start doing a video version of the show?

With any luck, this summer. It requires a little more studio space than we have available at present time but we are shopping around for space as we speak so hopefully we can begin producing video versions by bathing suit season.

Have you figured out how to get Maeby to stop going to the bathroom in the house?

Unfortunately no. She still does it from time to time.

How come you never have guests on your show?

With our abnormally large egos, it is hard enough to share airtime with each other. It would become a bloody mess if we tried adding a third person to the mix.

Do you really do the show with no shirt and no shoes on?

Do you listen to the show with no shirt and no shoes on?

If I send you a voicemail or an email is it guaranteed to end up on the show?

While it’s not guaranteed that your communication to us will somehow end up on the show, please keep in mind that by sending us your communication you grant us the right to use it on the show. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.