Episode 3.29 – I Do Not Like Them, Sam I Am

Ender gets “plantar wart” wrong • Warts keep coming back • Horse ranching your warts • Microphone problems • How Green Eggs and Ham helps with pain • Who throttled who • The Segway: Child Birthing Class • Learning how a C-Section works • Rocking chair levers • Horrible assembly instructions • Stripped screws • Emily’s Snow Dance • The Best of 2011 now on CD! • Christmas is coming • Ender predicts the birthdate (Feb 2nd and then Feb 6th) • Emily predicts February 14 • Vote on when the baby will be born • Emily wants her body back • Ender bleeds when he shaves • The joys of butt-crack waxing • Ender gets more specific – between 1-3 AM on Feb 6th • Merry Christmas!


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Topical Vacation is the comedy podcast hosted by Ender Bowen and Emily Steele, a husband and wife team who babble about anything they happen to think of. No shirt. No shoes. No Topic.

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