Ender gets “plantar wart” wrong • Warts keep coming back • Horse ranching your warts • Microphone problems • How Green Eggs and Ham helps with pain • Who throttled who • The Segway: Child Birthing Class • Learning how a C-Section works • Rocking chair levers • Horrible assembly instructions • Stripped screws • Emily’s Snow Dance • The Best of 2011 now on CD! • Christmas is coming • Ender predicts the birthdate (Feb 2nd and then Feb 6th) • Emily predicts February 14 • Vote on when the baby will be born • Emily wants her body back • Ender bleeds when he shaves • The joys of butt-crack waxing • Ender gets more specific – between 1-3 AM on Feb 6th • Merry Christmas! Continue With “Episode 3.29 – I Do Not Like Them, Sam I Am” »

Episode 3.28 – Happy Anniversary, Me!

Ender tries a new way to podcast • The joys of Zoom H4n with Garageband to record, and as a sound board • The start of HanukkahEmily celebrates 14 years of having sung with Meat Loaf • Ender almost touched Bono • Emily’s story of when she sang with Meat Loaf • Emily gets in trouble with the microphone again • Irish accents are like pirate accents • Pirates of The Caribbean • Back in the studio/baby room • Preparing for the baby • Snow in Nashville • Rusty don’t know Judaism • Ender’s origin of Thanksgiving • The origin of popcorn at movies • Ender wants to podcast while Emily is in labor • Emily’s phone goes off • Are jungle and safari animals exclusively a boy thing? • Do people wallpaper anymore? • Trimming the tree and a bunch of messes • Was Rabbit a butch chick? • The End of The Show: Emily is thankful for Ender, Ender is thankful for Emily. Continue With “Episode 3.28 – Happy Anniversary, Me!” »

Episode 3.27 – It’s My Game Now, Bitch!

Ender gets political anyway • Today, we have a topic • The truth of Ender’s origins • The story of Ender’s Game • Vaccinating the conversation • Proper Facebook conduct • Getting “sweet & low” • The cat hisses • Ender asks for fair dialogue • Emily sums it up • “We’re not moving forward without a right and a left” • A quick review of Ender’s Game • Emily’s advice for teachers • Speaker for The Dead • Emails: Fantasy dish; House chores The End of The Show: Tell us what you think. Continue With “Episode 3.27 – It’s My Game Now, Bitch!” »

Episode 3.26 – Like It’s My Last Meal

How to properly eat candy corn • Belly up to the candy corn bar • Candy corn addiction and the candy corn racket • Trying something new • Gay stereotypes • GMX podcasting panel • Shout out to Adam and JP • Halloween recap and the near-cancellation of joy • Interrupted by the dogs • Subdivision miracles • “Pop Torn” • We don’t own Bobby Brown • The story of Sweet Dee • We are crazy • Food cravings • Pavlog’s dog • Sanford and Son Anniversary • Scarface and The Godfather are the same movie • Our anniversary in Chicago • Captain Eye Spy • Chicago is New York Lite • Perfect Strangers Theme Song • Larry Appleton vs. MacGyverEnder almost breaks something during a purple nurple. Continue With “Episode 3.26 – Like It’s My Last Meal” »