Episode 2.33 – The Best of 2012

It’s time to take a look back at the year that was 2012 for Topical Vacation! We dug through all 32 of this year’s episodes to find you some of the funniest, most random, completely ridiculous clips that we could realistically fit into one hour of listening time! If you’ve never listened to the show before, this is your chance to get in on the fun! Continue With “Episode 2.33 – The Best of 2012” »

Episode 2.32 – Band-Aid

Being afraid of Christmas • Chip digging is practice for the big money • Operation makes Emily cry • Why one should refrain • How can you have surfer Christmas? • Christmas is the same time every year? • Already done decorated • Coke vs. Pepsi is synonymous with Married vs. Divorced • What to blame on Pepsi • New Coke Conspiracy • Singing vagina • “You gotta let me flush!” • First Mics • You’ve been “New-Coked” • Seagram’s Bruce Willis CommercialEmails: Favorite actors; who wears the pants, deserted island book, flu shots • Last words. Continue With “Episode 2.32 – Band-Aid” »

Episode 2.31 – Just Grate

Dogs can hear from “hearphones” • Giving away the trick, and screwing up the acronym • Emily won a screenwriting award • Why we’ve been gone a bit, and a dedication to Grandma • Emily’s opinion of Heaven • Emily won a screenwriting award • Vague recollections of “love-punching” your wife • Should have “Emily Words”d “bicept” • How a Farmer’s Almanac can’t predict farming • Emily won a screenwriting award • How the wife didn’t actually pick the cheese, technically • ADD sets in again • Making death fun • Just Grate‘s premiere in Hollywood • Emily won a screenwriting award • Mr. Belvedere vs. Benson • Donate to the ASPCABeards & Bullshit Comedy Festival at Out Front On MainEnder goes solo on the pode-cast • Emily won a screenwriting award • Carrying the little guy around • The PWA Show cuts a promo on The Show. Continue With “Episode 2.31 – Just Grate” »

Episode 2.30 – It’s GMX Baby!

Recovering from GMX • Geek of A Different Color • Apparition Abolishers • “Nirvana in the Sauna” • Adam BakerEmily goes on a ghost hunt • Emily Words • Bullet sash • Fake bombs • Virtual Boy • Cosplay • “Gateway Geek” • Feeling better than we did last week • Emily wants her own show • Emails: Triangle Nuclear Bomb, Exposition, Delision, Going Back To School • Definition of “Steam Punk” • Emily sleeps. Continue With “Episode 2.30 – It’s GMX Baby!” »

Episode 2.29 – Walking in Memphis

How Bruce Hornsby didn’t write “Walking in Memphis”… again. • Ender visits his brother • Where’s Daffy and Donald? • “Smells Like Teen Spirit” ripped off “Ring of Fire” • “Big Bang” theory • The beer gut conspiracy • Ender makes a rookie mistake • Debates are pointless • Obamney • What do you call a person who does pole? • Constant Consonants • The door is a wall • “Smitzch” • Emily knocks Rusty again…ish • “Tutelage” vs “Zootelage” • Emails: Worst jobs, Pro sports pay, McConaughey or Gossling, Fall televisionCommon Sense for Dummys “Shots for Spot”. Continue With “Episode 2.29 – Walking in Memphis” »