The Lead: The family is coming for a visit, Emily pushes her chest out, Ender’s a jerk, stretching your back, doing the “Gumbo”.

The Segway: Emily doesn’t like Ender because he’s mean, bitter and “endorseful”.

National Word Association: One of the most ridiculous segments we have ever done. We’ve joined the National Word Association, and it’s time to see what we come up with.

Read That Stuff: The Widow of The South by Robert Hicks

The End of The Show: There’s no mail box in our kitchen; The difference between Jews and… not Jews.

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Episode 4.04 – I Am Not A Jew

The Lead: People are apparently very confused about whether or not Emily is a Jew.

The Segway: Home brewing at Tennessee Brew Works. What Craft beers do you recommend?

Current Events According to Emily: The Ukraine/Russia Crisis & The LA Clippers.

Emails: What has been our favorite TV show to watch this year and why? Also, Ender explains the strategies behind renewals and cancellations on Network TV.

The End of The Show: Ender doesn’t smile. Continue With “Episode 4.04 – I Am Not A Jew” »

Episode 4.03 – Afterbirth

In the afterbirth… • Nurses aplenty • Dave from It’s A Man’s World visits • A rough first night • The big “let down” • The other nurse • The battery goes bad • The whole thing about the mangoes • Visits from friends • Going to class • Calling baby tech support • Weighing the baby • Pirates of Penzance gets interrupted • The power goes out • The cord falls off • Taking the baby out in public • The hardest part of the process • Advice. Continue With “Episode 4.03 – Afterbirth” »

Episode 4.02 – During

“During” didn’t happen as we planned – sorry • “Squeezing the living life…” • An honorable discharge • Emily has pain • You cannot pre-register enough • Ender’s English joke • Blowing the vein • Things get real fast • Ender’s truth about watching the birth • The spew felt round the world • Emily was the sweetest woman in labor ever • Baby comes down the water slide • Nurses = Foot Clan • Getting manly with the cord cutting • Baby Addison is born • Dead Man On Campus was a great movie! Continue With “Episode 4.02 – During” »

Episode 4.01 – Before

Fetch-Heart Gopher gets the milk • “Those characters from Cleveland” • The premise behind the “trilogy” • Getting “all expectant” • Getting “all up in that cervix” • Reverse-sneezing • The secret things men do during labor • Ender is anxious • January is too close • Paying for the “baggage” • Italians always do “take-out” • Dreams of the baby’s gender • Two boys or two girls = chaos or murder • Is gay sex “mating”, scientifically speaking? • How hair gets pulled • Mayo • Dairy Queen’s Flame Thrower • Eating too much fast food • High cholesterol • Ender learns to cook • The I Can’t Cook BookA Man, A Can, And A Grill • Four baby showers = so spoiled • Send us diapers. Continue With “Episode 4.01 – Before” »