3.26 – The New Dog

What the Hell have we done?

As Emily and I may have noted on the latest episode of Topical Vacation, we got a new dog. And we’re apparently a little crazy. You see… now we have four cats, two dogs, and a baby on the way.

Yeah, we’re certifiably nuts!

I also think I’m losing my mind, because I can remember in Spring 2008 not having any pets at all. Of course, at that point I also lived alone, and Emily and I were just seeing each other. Emily already had two cats of her own and was working as a vet tech at one of Nashville’s premier animal hospitals in Green Hills. Continue With “3.26 – The New Dog” »

3.21 – How To Spackle

During our latest episode, we mentioned briefly how I made an arse of myself by trying to carry a desk that was too tall for me down to the bottom floor of our house, only to lose my balance at the midway point and put said desk through our dry wall. As a result, I had to teach myself to spackle pronto! While editing the episode and preparing it for upload I thought “hey, maybe there are other people out there who could directly benefit from my experience,” so I promptly sat down at my computer, had a drink, ate a sandwich, watched Quickdraw on Hulu Plus, brushed my teeth, had another drink, napped, set the iPad aside and turned on my computer, and attacked this blog!

Note – this how-to isn’t for those of you who know how to spackle. This is for the newbies who need to know how it’s done for the first time, from beginning to end! Continue With “3.21 – How To Spackle” »

3.17 – Man of Steel Review

Note: Not So Spoiler-Free

My favorite superhero has always been Batman. I like Batman because he’s dark, he’s rough, he’s smart, and he’s a human being who has conditioned himself to go beyond what most human beings are capable of. He not only survives in the world of superheroes but actually can compete with a great many of them.

Superman, by contrast, not only has superpowers, but he’s pretty much the god of superheroes. He’s practically invincible, susceptible only to Kryptonite. I’ve always found him boring. What stories can you really tell about a good guy who can’t be defeated? As an audience, we’re typically interested in rooting for the underdog – the guy (or gal) who has to struggle to win. What struggle does Superman – the most powerful superbeing of them all – face? Continue With “3.17 – Man of Steel Review” »

3.11 – Comedy: Is It Okay?

This past week, the same day Emily and I recorded this episode, the horrible tragedy of the Boston Marathon Bombing occurred. We didn’t address it. We didn’t really know how, and we felt that by the time this episode came out people wouldn’t be over it – by any means – but they might be far enough past the initial shock that picking at the scab (as it would have appeared) just wasn’t in the cards. That was a decision we made.

We feel it was right for us. That doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. Continue With “3.11 – Comedy: Is It Okay?” »