In Conversation: The Origin of Thanksgiving

From Episode 3.28 “Happy Anniversary, Me”

Ender: You have the Pilgrims and you have the Indians. The Pilgrims were like “hey… we wanna not get scalped… they were like…”

Emily: “Here’s some popcorn…”

Ender: Yeah… they made some popcorn with maze kernels…

Emily: They didn’t make kettle corn though.

Ender: No… well, they did. But they didn’t use kettles back then. They used, um… barrels. It was barrel corn.

Emily: Barrel corn? Wow! Continue With “In Conversation: The Origin of Thanksgiving” »

In Conversation: Coconuts and Ketchup

From Episode 3.10 “You Know You’re A Badass When People Crap Their Pants At The Mention of Your Name”

Emily: They put other stuff in it… Like to give you the flavor that you get out of a coconut. It’s not like… to give you the sweeter… Like disgusting flavor, not…

Ender: Oh! You mean kinda like ketchup!

Emily: Sure… Well yeah ketchup doesn’t taste like it was a tomato. Continue With “In Conversation: Coconuts and Ketchup” »