3.26 – The New Dog

3.26 – The New Dog

What the Hell have we done?

As Emily and I may have noted on the latest episode of Topical Vacation, we got a new dog. And we’re apparently a little crazy. You see… now we have four cats, two dogs, and a baby on the way.

Yeah, we’re certifiably nuts!

I also think I’m losing my mind, because I can remember in Spring 2008 not having any pets at all. Of course, at that point I also lived alone, and Emily and I were just seeing each other. Emily already had two cats of her own and was working as a vet tech at one of Nashville’s premier animal hospitals in Green Hills.

That Summer, everything changed. Emily knew I wanted a cat – a cat – but that I was too soft to go to a pet store and see all the animals in cages (I don’t handle that well… sure, I know for the most part they are being treated alright but it’s hard to look a helpless cat or dog in the eye and not take them home, or start crying, or both), so instead of waiting for me to work up the nerve, she brought one back from her place of employment. Er… I should say she brought back two. Apparently someone had brought in two strays, the clinic got them cleaned up and spayed, and then it was unclear what was going to happen to them after that. So Emily decided to bring them both home.

So now I had two cats. That was easy.

Soon after that, Emily and I moved in together. My cats plus her cats equaled four cats! In a matter of months I had gone from no pet responsibilities to practically owning a farm.

But it didn’t stop there – that following Spring of 2009, a little beagle-cavalier mix had been dropped in the driveway of the clinic with a cherry eye, which the doctors needed to take care of. After that was handled, the alleged owners called back saying they wanted their dog back, but they weren’t able to pay the fees, so they decided not to bother. As a result, it was unclear where this dog was going to go. Neither Emily and I have ever been dog people, and we even said that with our busy schedules we didn’t think we could do it. But I saw how important it was to Em to give this dog a try, and we did.

Enter Maeby, the fifth of our animal farm. From rags to riches, she’s practically famous at this point! For a good four years or so, we seemed to have it all sorted out. Five pets, a lot of messes to clean up, and a promise that we would not be taking on anymore.

Then Emily got pregnant. We almost immediately decided that with the child coming, we wouldn’t be able to pay as much attention to the dog, so we’d need to get her a playmate. We had no idea where to start.

But then, as you may have heard via the above-referenced episode, a beagle was dropped into our laps. And Maeby had a friend.

It hasn’t been easy. There’s more pee, (she’s housebroken but not… well not outdoor smart – she sometimes just doesn’t pee when she goes out), more getting-into-the-cat-litter-to-eat-the-poop antics, old habits from a new dog that we’re trying to change, and new habits that the old dog is picking up from the new dog that we’re trying to redirect.

And oh my God all the hair! It’s everywhere! This dog sheds like it’s nobody’s business, except that it’s everyone‘s business because you see it all the time!

So, yes, we’re nuts. But so are the cats. So is Maeby. And hey, that means the new dog, whom we’ve decided to call Sweet Dee, is fitting right in.

Ender Bowen is the CEO of Joint Custody Productions, and is a singer/songwriter, actor and producer. Bowen lives with his wife Emily Steele in Nashville, TN.

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